"Our life is a series of moments. Each one a journey to the end. Let them go. Let them all go."

Name's 'Mona. I'm from the land of cheese and tulips.
Pansexual Pagan and Professional Procrastinator. Lucky Merc and demon hunter, all wrapped up in a slick little coat of sass and snark.

❒ taken
❒ single
✔ Faora Hu-Ul.

I'm a lover of all things Marvel, Hack/Slash, Supernatural, Hannibal, OUAT, TVD, Doctor Who, The Hunger Games, Firefly, Lost, The Mentalist, Spartacus and more.

LARPer, cosplayer, singer, martial artist, firebreather, rambling madwoman.
Wait, don't kill him!
I need to insult him first.

99% ready for the photoshoot I’m planning.

Small bonus: